Social media – yet another judgement

Why do I need to do social media? Why do we all need to do social media?

There are people without any Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts. They exists.

The answer depends on the individuals. Depends on what they do and what are their take away from what they do.

Let’s think about the people who don’t do social media.

  • How do they spend their spare time?
  • How do they get entertainment?
  • How do they get updated about current affairs?
  • How do they know about trolls and internet slang?

Now let’s go to the another shore of people.

  • Do they spend time with family and loved ones?
  • Do they ever feel tired of being online?
  • Do they ever feel invasion of privacy?
  • Do they feel pain in hands and neck?
  • Do they think that they are wasting their time?
  • Do they think that being online among trolls make them aggressive?

I am not sure what is right and what should be done. Even the answer like, “keep the balance” sounds lame.

If we look at “before Orkut era”, people have been spending more time outdoors. Yes, may be the tipping point of social media is also linked with the exponential use of internet and smart phone. More because of smart phones, I guess. The feeling of “showing off” has increased. And it is well known that it is always the “good side” of life is being show cased. Going out for movie, post it. Flying somewhere, post it. Went to mall, check-in. Having delicious meal, snap it. When the hard time hunts you down, go low on social media. This actually define the online social media. What you can and you should post or share is only positive news, not the sad/bad side of your lives. How you get balanced then? On your own? Or you turn to your loved ones in real life. Not every one is capable of solving the problem by being themselves. Not every one is having somebody to depend on. So I guess, people try to pass the phase by being low and wait for the phase to pass. They will bounce back by announcing some check-in to mall or movie after sometime. This is sad.

Uh..oh. I almost missed out the haters on social media. I think, they are just sissy boys. Online social media is an easy platform to abuse, to shout or to hate. Be real. Live. Enjoy. Share your opinion by practice.

Why do I even need to write these here on blog?
Because, I want to record my own thoughts as a checkpoint in future.

Well, I could have written in my diary as well, isn’t it? Irony, the bitch.


About ritesh

A funny, sensible, thoughtful, culture and literature loving Indian ગુજરાતી Embedded Software Engineer
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