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Sanity should prevail taste buds.

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Social media – yet another judgement

Why do I need to do social media? Why do we all need to do social media?

There are people without any Instagram, Twitter, Facebook accounts. They exists.

The answer depends on the individuals. Depends on what they do and what are their take away from what they do.

Let’s think about the people who don’t do social media.

  • How do they spend their spare time?
  • How do they get entertainment?
  • How do they get updated about current affairs?
  • How do they know about trolls and internet slang?

Now let’s go to the another shore of people.

  • Do they spend time with family and loved ones?
  • Do they ever feel tired of being online?
  • Do they ever feel invasion of privacy?
  • Do they feel pain in hands and neck?
  • Do they think that they are wasting their time?
  • Do they think that being online among trolls make them aggressive?

I am not sure what is right and what should be done. Even the answer like, “keep the balance” sounds lame.

If we look at “before Orkut era”, people have been spending more time outdoors. Yes, may be the tipping point of social media is also linked with the exponential use of internet and smart phone. More because of smart phones, I guess. The feeling of “showing off” has increased. And it is well known that it is always the “good side” of life is being show cased. Going out for movie, post it. Flying somewhere, post it. Went to mall, check-in. Having delicious meal, snap it. When the hard time hunts you down, go low on social media. This actually define the online social media. What you can and you should post or share is only positive news, not the sad/bad side of your lives. How you get balanced then? On your own? Or you turn to your loved ones in real life. Not every one is capable of solving the problem by being themselves. Not every one is having somebody to depend on. So I guess, people try to pass the phase by being low and wait for the phase to pass. They will bounce back by announcing some check-in to mall or movie after sometime. This is sad.

Uh..oh. I almost missed out the haters on social media. I think, they are just sissy boys. Online social media is an easy platform to abuse, to shout or to hate. Be real. Live. Enjoy. Share your opinion by practice.

Why do I even need to write these here on blog?
Because, I want to record my own thoughts as a checkpoint in future.

Well, I could have written in my diary as well, isn’t it? Irony, the bitch.

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US Diary (Week – 25; year 2017)

Visited uncle Sam during week 25 for official reasons. It was a 5 days visit. First impression about US is, “everything is big, king size”, roads, SUVs, buildings, food dishes.

Apart from official work at Troy, MI, visited port Huron, MI. I wanted to explore more on food and areas around but could not due to jam packed schedule and little time.

Though it was a ultra short visit, it has given enough reasons to think to come again.

– Ritesh.

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Germany Diary (Week – 12, 13; year 2017)

Things can materialize sometimes in way you imagine or dream. This time I am travelling with wife. We both are all smiles.💞

First week (week 12) went in a flash even before we realize. I have been taking stone on the body in the office while she has been roaming around Stuttgart.🤓

Hoping to make this week productive in office and memorable in personal life as well.

Thank you Germany 🇩🇪 and EU 🇪🇺 for last week and in advance for this week.

– Ritesh.

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A conundrum – Freedom after marriage

People say, a person (read man) loses his freedom after marriage. This is an age old conundrum, arguable of course. The debate is never one sided. There could be four categories in the debate of this topic.

  1. Unmarried but siding freedom
  2. Unmarried but dreading loss of freedom
  3. Married but still siding freedom
  4. Married and considering having lost the freedom already

Well, what to say? I am confused too. Not that, I am saying freedom is persistent after marriage. We should also consider what are all the factors we are considering as freedom? Based on the individual, one can put all of the below or a few from the below list,

  1. Wake up at any time
  2. Go out whenever you want
  3. Call up friends at any time
  4. Show up to friends place at any time
  5. Go and party
  6. Do weird things
  7. Be lazy
  8. Be anti-social
  9. Booze
  10. Eat junk food
  11. Be non-responsive
  12. Be non-responsible
  13. Be nonsense
  14. Flirt with girls
  15. Be friends with girls

Now, if we try and search then we shall surely find even girls doing the same things, in abundance. Then what is the problem and who is having the problem?

May be it is just an assumption that freedom is lost. Or maybe not.

To me, life has changed after marriage for sure. It is not like that I will state that my freedom has been lost. But it is more like, I am doing different things which I was not doing before marriage and equally there are things which I am not doing now which I used to do every now and then before marriage (no. – 1, 2,3,5,8,10,14,15 to be specific). My wife has never stopped me or suggested me to do something and to not to do something. It is similar in her case too, she is not bound to my preferences.

“The things change” would be the answer. The situation changes. First, you both try to align yourselves to each other and change (or try to change) habits. This would be purely on the basis of a try “to be likable by your life partner”. With the bombardment of life lectures/lessons, we may have received from elders about “being in marriage”. Initially, there might not be any objections at all since you would be receiving enormous amount of love in return, so perhaps a person just substitute this love in place of the old habits. If you get comfortable with these changes in long run then you wouldn’t we complaining about loss of freedom. But just in case, you start missing anything/any habit of yours which you might have changed after marriage (either voluntarily or after nagging 😀) then you may feel suffocated. You may feel, you have lost your freedom.

Perhaps, it is all about being simple and being yourself. Give space to others and let everyone live their life. Yes, you can influence and have an impact on others but it better be wholeheartedly and voluntarily. Also not to forget, even if you are trying to change yourself and your habits voluntarily, this should be thoroughly thought. You are doing something not because the other half likes it, you are doing something because you like it.

Note: In this post, I have considered only nuclear family, not a joint family. Otherwise as per Indian culture and traditions, people would consider about “being likable” thing to all in-laws. The permutations and combinations are so high that forget about being yourself, you will forget who you are. 😀😀

Bonus (A joke I read long about “after marriage situation”):

A wife tries to change a man her whole life according to her liking.

And after-a-while when man changes.

She complains, “You have changed now, you are no longer the same, you used to be.”


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Pearls of wisdom

Anger burns all your wisdom and makes you dumb.


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Germany Diary (Week – 37, 38; year 2016)

One more official travel to Stuttgart. We stayed at same hotel like last time.

In the first week, it was too hot weather. However it turned dull over the weekend and became better gradually in the second week.

Work wise, it was good time.

Thank you Stuttgart. I wanted to visit with my wife this time but couldn’t. If I come ever again, I don’t want to travel without her. Let us see. Servus.

— Ritesh.

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